Hello fellow Airheaders! I picked up this beauty in October 2017 and decided to start a site where I keep track of and show major repairs I have successfully tackled, memorable rides and other stuff that comes to my mind. Hope you enjoy visiting and leave a comment if you wish!

The bike had been sitting covered inside for a long time. It was dirty but was an unmolested almost completely original bike. It is a 1973 Long Wheel Base R75/5 and even came with the original owners manual! 



Mileage when purchased was 41,941 and only about 5,000 miles had been put on the bike in the last 20 years. The previous owner had occasionally started the engine and the bike ran decent. I changed all the fluids, engine, transmission, drive shaft and final drive oils, fork oil, put new tires on, set the valves, adjusted rocker arm end play and re-torqued the head bolts, before going on some easy rides.