10 thoughts on “Keep ’em on the road!

  1. Great work and nice article. glad you took your time and was methodical. I have a 78 R80/7 but mainly work on bicycles. My R80 was pretty well gone over by the previous owner so no major work needed, but i do need to redo the front forks. I cant wait to see your article on that. Ride Safe and keep up the blog.

  2. Mark Anderson says:

    Great site! Thanks for the detailed information, I had many questions and wonderings and you covered them all. I’ve just purchased a barn fresh 1971 R75/5 and will be doing similar work soon.

    • I am glad you find the site helpful! And congrats to your purchase! I will soon have to do more stuff, like fork springs, steering bearings and then I will have to take out the transmission to fix the main engine seal. I’ll try to cover everything here so check back soon!

  3. Christoph Groenick says:

    Today we had a really unusual English lesson.
    We heard a lot of technical things about repairing a motorbike.
    We think it is helpful for People who want to help themselves.
    Good luck for your next rides.

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    • Glad you are using the blog for your English classes. I continue to learn the language myself, so don’t assume that everything I write is 100% korrekt :-). By the way, you taught me how to tap a thread 35 years ago, so you deserve some credit as well, old friend!!! Greetings to good old Germany!

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