I grew up in Germany around airheads and /2 models. We called them “Gummikuh” (freely translated “rubber-cow”). The “cow” part of the name was given to it by a journalist (Ernst Leverkus) who compared the upward movement of the bike’s rear end to a cow that always gets up with it’s rear first…


Back in the 70’s and 80’s I wanted a fast bike, like a CB or KZ, and not a “slow” boxer. After moving to the US in 2000 and some time on a Harley, a K-bike, and also a vintage CB and KZ I discovered how great the boxers really are and purchased a 2012 R1200R Classic. It is an amazing bike but doesn’t need any work, so I needed a project on the side. And there comes my R75/5.



I also own a 1969 Honda CT 70 (with a 108 cc Honda engine), great for runs around the neighborhood.



I work out of my 2-car garage. It’s a good enough work-space, if can keep my wife’s car out of there!