I will detail major repair and maintenance activities on this site. If you find them helpful (or not!) please feel free to leave a comment. Lot’s of my inspiration comes from the following sites:

Robert Fleischer “Snowbum”:
Lots of very detailed technical articles, definitely worth reading before digging into a major repair/restoration. 

Brooke Reams: 
Amazing documentation with lots of pictures of most major repairs/restorations.

BMW MOA Airhead Forum:

Many helpful folks out there, willing to share their knowledge.





Click on the links in the list to navigate to the projects:


Cylinder stud repair

Oil pan removal and strainer cleaning 


Fork spring replacement

Fork seals and steering bearing replacement








Disclaimer: I am not a professional mechanic, just a dude who likes to wrench on his bikes. I have had many motorcycles over the last 35 years and have handled almost all repairs myself. I know what the difference is between a drill and a hammer, but as I said, I am no trained professional. So assess your skills and consider reading up on other professional sites before attempting difficult repairs!